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School Link-Up

Our 'School Link-Up' initiative connects schools in the UK, with teachers and students in The Gambia. Young people from both countries learn invaluable lessons about each other's diverse cultures and experiences. Using our downloadable resources, UK schools have the opportunity to find creative ways to raise funds, used to buy school supplies for those who are most in need.  Here is what some of our participants had to say about it:

“No better way of being global citizens than by having #penpals from all over the world to learn with.

This week we received responses from Longman Memorial Prep School in The Gambia and our students couldn't believe they wrote back!”

Lianne George, Innovation Leader and English Teacher, Harris Boys Academy Dulwich

On behalf of all the staff and students at Longman Memorial School, we would like to thank the teachers and pupils at Harris Boys Academy Dulwich for their friendship and the school supplies both of which is invaluable to us and our students.”


Moses Bass, Teacher, Longman Memorial Prep School, Brikama

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